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Discover How You Can Start In Property With Little Or No Money. Grow A Successful Property Portfolio, Regardless Of How Much Time, Money, Or Experience You Have!

Book 30 min FREE Strategic Session With Rahim Bah & his team to learn how you can use the resources you have right now to accelerate your property investment journey or to get your property business off the ground… 

Here’s What You’ll Discover in this FREE strategy session…

We will spend the strategy session talking about you, all investment opportunities available right now, and I will share with you my 5 Golden Rules For buying Property Investments:

1). Set up a Structure to Acquire Investment Properties

2). Buy Below Market Value Properties

3). Have a minimum of 7.5% Capital Growth Annually

4). Property Must Generate Positive & Passive Cashflow

5). 100% Return on Investment (ROI) within 18 -24 months

The Secret To Property Success?

Implementing The Right Strategy!

Hi, I’m Rahim Bah!

I started my property journey in 2017 from £0 to building a 6 figure property business within 4 years.

Rahim Bah

I’m no different to you when I started my journey from £0 in 2017 to building a six-figure business.

I migrated to this country at the age of 15 without my parent and didn’t speak a word of English. I got put through social services and allocated to a foster family to look after me.

I grew up in London in a crime-ridden neighbourhood and could easily have strayed from the straight and narrow.

However, I was determined to succeed and avoided the gangs that roamed the streets of Croydon where I lived.

I studied hard, first at school to learn English, college and then at Bournemouth University, graduated with a degree in accountancy and finance. Then I landed a job as an accountant in the capital.

On a salary of around £30,000 a year, life was good, but I was looking for a different direction as the job became boring and too bureaucratic.

So, I was looking to escape and do something really fulfilling for me and my family and have financial independence. 

One day, I was searching the internet for general information about a property I came across a property Investing strategy video that caught my attention and I started to learn more about the strategy.

At first, I thought the strategy was too good to be true but then I realized what the coach is doing is actually real. I attended one of his free Property Investors Crash Course and shortly after I booked myself for the paid course.

In 2017, I took the leap of faith to take action to execute the property strategy that a handful of investors are using to make as much as £25,000 profit from ONE house!

In a couple of months after the training I secured 6 deals and the rest was history.

I then used the cash flow from these properties to put down for deposits on buying other investment properties. I now own a successful estate agency that specializes in property sales, lettings, and management.


Through my experience as a business owner in the SME market, I have been actively involved in renovation projects across a variety of sectors, including residential, commercial, mixed-used and houses in multiple occupations (HMO) projects for myself and other investors.

I also run a successful property investment training company and have helped hundreds of people use property investment as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom.

I now employ a manager who oversees my estate agency as I now focus mainly on renovation and development projects and training people like yourselves to learn and do exactly what I am doing.

See, the reason I stated that we aren’t different is that I have also started from nothing and now I own a successful business.

And I just want to assure you that it can be possible.


Now the question is, why are these amazingly profitable strategies still hidden?


It is because none of the property coaches is willing to share without asking you to pay a hefty sum for it! 

Until now… 

  • I’m going to reveal that exact strategy that helps me make £25,000 profit from ONE house! For FREE!
  • You’ll get the full insider scoop when you Book a FREE Strategy Session With Me.
  • I’ll walk you through the simple steps system I used, to start using this high-demand and low-competition strategy the very next day. 
  • I’ll show you why demand is exploding right now. Exploding demand makes right now the most profitable time to get started with little or no money down.

So What are you waiting for Click the button below and Book Your FREE Strategy Session With Me.

It is about helping you master property investing strategies and providing you with everything you need to grow your wealth.

Rather than over-commit to the kinds of tactics that only grow wealth incrementally, we are focusing on what brings you 10x results without 10x time.

Your experience level doesn’t matter.


Because we are starting from the very first steps and we go on…

So it doesn’t matter what your experience level is. If you are a beginner who knows nothing about property investing, we will guide you from step zero till you find success.

And if you are an experienced property investor, we will help you scale your property investment by 10X.

We know the power of our property investment strategy and its effectiveness.

And not only is it easily mastered but it’s easily scaled too!

Imagine having only one property under your belt that generates £25,000 per year and you don’t even own that property.

What will happen?

Everything in your future and financial outlook will change for the better.

You will be able to do whatever your dream is…

Plus, Ask Any Successful Investor, And They Will Tell You:

Recessions and pandemics (AKA NOW) are actually the best times to get into property investing.

It’s a short window, but with the right kind of strategy,

… you can not just survive, but thrive through this uncertain period.

Find out HOW, by booking your FREE STRATEGY SESSION with me.

Who’s Can Book This Startegy Session?

If you’ve been on the fence about getting into property investing, or are looking to scale your existing portfolio this is for you. The strategy and approach can create a passive income through the property that’s powerful enough to:

Allow you to quit your day job

Spend time doing what you love

Have your financial future secured

Property Investment Blueprint is determined to help you

Start In Property Investing Business With Little Or No Mone & Grow A Successful Property Portfolio, Regardless Of How Much Time, Money, Or Experience You Have!

Booking a strategy session with us means you can trust you’ll get off to the best start ever, and not waste a single second of your time, or a penny of your money in the process. 

Property Investments Blueprint Students Reviews are FACT!


Property Investment Blueprint With Rahim

The best thing about my life after meeting Rahim is I have so much more freedom. I have control over my time!

Susan Thomas

Wow Rahim is AMAZING! Learning from him has been a complete and utter life-changer! I am now financially free!

Rhodri Johnson

By following and learning from him, we’ve gained so much confidence. We have build and exponentially grow our property portfolio and are making great cashflow and now spending quality time with love ones at my our chosen time.

Mustafa Hakim

I’ve been on quite a few property courses, some costing thousands of pounds but Rahim’s Crash Course has been the best so far! When I first heard Rahim sneak’s, I knew that he was different from other property trainers. Really high energy and perfect balance between theory and practical.


I have real enjoy my time with Rahim. Rahim is a down to earth guy, honest and trustworthy. I attended one of Rahim property course and I was impress with his knowledge in the property market. I don’t usually write review but this one is a special one for me



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