Completely Free & Exclusive LIVE & VIRTUAL Rent To Rent & Service Accommodation BOOTCAMP


For People who want to MAKE £25,000 per Year without even owning any property!

Saturday 28th May @ 10:00 am








Limited to 100 attendees! GRAB your SEAT now!

Completely Free & Exclusive LIVE & VIRTUAL Rent To Rent & Service Accommodation BOOTCAMP with Rahim Bah:

In this Free & Exclusive Masterclass, you will learn:

How you can start with this strategy with no money and easily find landlords to give you their keys and easily find guests to stay and make £25,000 per annum.

How to make fives times more profit from Buy-To-Let houses you already own when you rent them by the night on sites like Airbnb and

Time-saving secrets to manage a short-stay rental property with just 3 hours a week… from your mobile phone.

I will also find properties and show you live that you can start with from day zero  

I’ll share my 12 months game plan to help you secure multiple properties and automate the whole process so you can have more to time spend with your family 

Limited to 100 attendees! GRAB your SEAT now!

Discovery Day With Rahim

Discovery Day With Rahim Bah

Here’s What You’ll Discover…

  • Spend the day with Rahim at his Home or Office
  • Identify the exact strategy(s) that works for you in today’s time
  • How to generate income passively without doing the work
  • How to make your money work for you, rather than you, working for your money.
  • How to set up and structure your property business (and the tax advantages)
  • Property leveraging
  • Get a bespoke action plan
  • Lunch with Rahim Included

Only book if you’re serious about the possibility of further training with Rahim Bah

Meet Rahim Bah

Rahim Bah started his property journey in 2017 from £0 to building 6 figures property business within 4 years. Through his experience as a business owner in the SME market. He has been actively involved in renovation projects across a variety of sectors including residentials, commercial, mixed used and house in multiple occupation (HMO) projects for himself and other investors. Today, he runs property training company and has helped hundreds of people use property investment as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom. 

He is an experience management accountant, with senior-level experience in finance, organizational development, strategic planning, business planning, risk management, process re-engineering and  general management across a wide-range of sectors.

Rahim Bah

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