Purchase Lease Option (PLO) & Joint Venture Partnership

Lease Option Agreement “No Money Down” The Ultimate Strategy to Financial Freedom!

This is an amazing strategy intelligent investors use to take control of properties using none or very little money their money. On this program you will learn everything you need to get started.

Rahim uses this strategy to buy some of his properties. They were NO MONEY DOWN deals! He will take you through the journey & exact blueprint that he and many of his students use successfully to secure these types of deals.

It’s a great way of getting on the property ladder if you don’t have much money in the bank.

What is Purchase Lease Option (PLO) & Joint Venture Partnership (JV)?

Purchase Lease Option also known as Lease Option Agreement or just lease option. Is the process by which an investor, vendor or landlord agrees to buy a property at today’s price sometime in the future usually between 3–10 years. Meantime the investor takes over the property and complete responsibility and acts as the owner and therefore benefits from rental income.

Joint Venture Partnership – is a venture undertaken jointly by two or more parties which otherwise retain their distinct identities. It is suitable in any business adventure.

When does the course start?

You can start immediately, as the training is online you can fit the training around your schedule. 

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course is designed to be completed on your own pace but usually takes about 2 weeks.

How up to date is the course material?

You will be given lifetime access to the course and if there are any update the course will be updated and reflect those changes. So, rest assured that the course will always be up to date.

How much does the programme cost?

The cost of the programme is £300 (including all taxes) 

This includes, Contract Pack, deal analyser and legal documents (RRP £100) which can be purchased separately.

What You Will Learn –

  • How to identify a lease option deal using a specific criterion 
  • How to search and secure diamond PLO properties
  • Mind set
  • They key components of joint venture partnership 
  • How to raise finance
  • The script with magic words
  • How to answer any objection
  • 7 Golden Rules 
  • How to market yourself

Special Offer! Get the Step by Step Manual and Contract Pack for FREE (RRP £100)

FREE! When you purchase the Purchase Lease Option & Joint Venture Agreement course Online

  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Head of Terms 
  • Joint venture partnership agreement
  • Viewing Inspection Form
  • Deal Analyser
  • All legal document needed to structure the deal 
  • Letter and Email template to send homeowners
  • Offer script
  • Offer Email
  1. Introduction
  2. Clear Vision Creator
  3. Investment Formula  
  4. Mind-set, Super Power
  5. Clarity Tool
  6. Investment Strategy Overview PLO
  7. 2 Keys Question to Ask Vendor
  8. How to find great deals – Criteria, platform, live search
  9. Analysis 
  10. Golden Rules & How to Apply Them
  11. How do you spot a great deal
  12. The Legal Process 
  13. Marketing
  14. Where & How to find the Deals
  15. Your Expert Team
  16. Where & How to find Expert Team
  17. Key questions to ask new team member
  18. Joint Venture Agreement (JV)
  19. Why use JV
  20. Where to find JV partner
  21. The Wrap Up
  22. Partnership – Legal Agreements  
  23. Negotiation
  24. The Wrap Up

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